Why Us? Why Now?

jugglingAs we continue to write the story of our remodel, things are a little rocky at times. Let’s be honest, remodeling isn’t for the squeamish. It requires a certain tenacity, flexibility, and optimism – especially when you have limited time and money. With each challenge, there have been moments of soul searching…do we really want to do this now? Can we afford it? Will our kids disown us? Will our house deliver the comfort and energy savings we want? Will the process be repeatable for others? I could go on.

storybookBut in the end, the challenges make me want to double down on this crazy journey. If we can push through, find the right compromises, choose the best technology, find the right professionals, figure out reasonable financing options, and wade through the greenwashing we will definitely have a story to tell. The question is, what will the story be? I sincerely hope it’s a tale of how far green technologies have come… that regular people remodeling a kitchen and bath can make a few systemic changes that will have real payoffs in energy efficiency, water usage, or indoor air quality. And the green building movement is ready for prime time, with technologies that have reasonable payback periods and measurable health benefits… and our family persevered and now have a healthy, beautiful, home that is cheap to operate and maintain over time. AND I hope the story will be that we can still afford to send our kids to college.

I realize that the story could easily have a different ending. With each twist and turn, I wonder how people are supposed to manage something so complicated with such confusing and sometimes contradictory information, on top of maintaining their regular lives. I can certainly see why admirable goals of choosing responsible products and including sustainable technologies fall by the wayside so frequently. Our story may be one of extreme compromise and disappointment. But I don’t think so. I am going to bet on finding a middle ground and a way to reach our goals. Either way, we will tell the story. Here’s hoping for a happy ending!

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