What’s That Smell?!? INFESTED!

The back half of our new house smells. Our trash can smells of rotten food and our pantry smells horribly like stale cat food. I always have to hold my breath when I go in the pantry. My Dad repainted it, but somehow it still smells. Worst of all, it makes our gummy bears taste like stale cat food, which BTW tastes HORRIBLE!!!!!! And the other areas just have a weird odor. The front half of the house is INFESTED with an assortment of spiders, ants, and mosquitos. We clearly need new screens. I am afraid of most bugs and have a very sensitive nose, so this is NOT great for me. I just HOPE all of this gets CHANGED in the remodel.

Moving tip of the day #3: Do not spray Febreze in your pantry even if it smells like stale cat food.

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