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Hi, I’m 10 years old in 5th grade. My mom asked me to share my thoughts about the process from a kids point of view. Whenever we talk to people about our move, they’re always like, “why are you moving to a smaller house?” To be honest, I don’t really get it either. There’s not much to say yet, we are in escrow with a house, I’m not quite sure what that means I guess like the stage right before you move in when you do all the paperwork. I’m excited about moving, mostly because it is on my friend’s street and I get to design my own room. My older sister does not want to move because she doesn’t like change as much and thinks our new house is ugly, it sort of is :), but doesn’t have a vision of how it can improve. Just think if it is bad, it can only get better. If  you think of fixer-upper house as a sport, it starts out bad, but you can only improve, it can’t get worse.


Moving tip of the day #1: Look on the bright side, think of the positives and forget about the negatives. Remember, change is GOOD!


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