The Goalof our Project

Architect's preliminary rendering of Net Zero Nest

Architect’s preliminary rendering of Net Zero Nest

We see this as a moment to seize.  Many homeowners and builders remodel the old way, with materials and designs the may meet code, but go no further.  Instead, we hope to demonstrate that thoughtful selection of materials and design can create a remodeled home that is energy-efficient, healthy to live in, and that conserves resources where possible.  We think that technologies, incentives, and financing options now make these remodeling decisions possible with a moderate budget.  We will strive to meet the net-zero energy goal, so that the house produces as much energy as it uses throughout the year.  And we will engage the community in the process.

Green building shouldn’t be just for the wealthy or the greenies.  It should be common sense.  This is a mainstream project, striving to showcase our journey to remodel one home with our goal in mind, so that others may benefit from our experiences, both successful and unsuccessful.

Our Partners

  • Energy Inspectors
  • Energy Upgrade California
  • D’MAND
  • OPENHAUS design
  • Trillamar Webcraft
  • Panasonic
  • Hardey Construction
  • Merlex Stucco
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