Kudos to Energy Upgrade California

Our Bear Award in its new Long Beach home

Our Bear Award in its new Long Beach home

It was a privilege to meet with the Energy Upgrade California program directors to talk about energy efficient remodeling this week.  These sharp young people are clearly passionate about their mission, and are doing more to encourage homeowners to incorporate energy efficiency into their projects than just about anyone.  They carved out part of their busy meeting to hear our experiences working with the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade program, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and why we’ve made the decisions we have.

It was very encouraging to hear their new campaign ideas… some around financing, others around contractor choice, and online simulation tools.  Their ideas are right on target to help bring this generation of remodelers around to the rewards of high-performance home improvement.  They have agreed to partner with us on our next Open House (date TBD), so stay tuned for more details.

Pictured is the award they so kindly presented to the Net Zero Nest, their trademark bear mascot, in his new home in Long Beach.  We are pleased to do our small part to help California stay golden.

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