Net Zero Nest

Net Zero Nest

Introducing the Net Zero Nest

A demonstration green home project in Long Beach, CA

In collaboration with the City of Long Beach and Southern California Edison, Nick and Holland Brown are building a unique case study home in Long Beach, CA.  This community project will prove the feasibility and affordability of:

  • Reduced energy consumption through a deep energy retrofit
  • Improved indoor air quality though sophisticated monitoring and whole house filtration techniques
  • Responsible water usage through gray water management and low-water fixtures and landscaping

The purpose of the project is to show that not only is a healthier house possible with existing green technologies, but affordable for families who are considering a typical remodel project.  The Browns plan to showcase the home through a website, media publications, and “driveway events” open to the public.  As long-time Long Beach residents, the couple also hopes to provide meaningful feedback to the City about how to implement and encourage these types of home remodels City-wide.  With sufficient scale, Net Zero Nest transformations of the existing housing stock can substantially reduce residential energy and water usage – two important goals in Long Beach’s Sustainability Plan.

Project Manager Holland BrownPerhaps most exciting, the Net Zero Nest will monitor and test indoor air quality.  Pollution is a serious issue in Southern California, and the couple hopes to prove that a tight building envelope and a well-designed mechanical filtration/ventilation system could significantly improve concentrations of diesel particulates and other pollutants inside the home.  As the parents of young children, they feel passionate about trying to help families provide a healthy home environment for their young ones.

With 15 years of experience in the building materials industry and a background in statistics and computer modeling, Nick Brown will be the lead technical resource on the project.  And as a sustainability writer and educator, Holland Brown will ensure that the lessons learned in the Net Zero Nest will be available for others in a user friendly format.  Follow their journey at

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