What’s That Smell?!?  INFESTED!

What’s That Smell?!? INFESTED!

The back half of our new house smells. Our trash can smells of rotten food and our pantry smells horribly like stale cat food. I always have to hold my breath when I go in the pantry. My Dad repainted it, but somehow it still smells. Worst of all, it makes our gummy bears taste like stale cat food, which BTW tastes HORRIBLE!!!!!! And the other areas just have a […]

Moving In

Moving In

We recently moved in to our new house. I have to admit it looks a lot better with all of our stuff in it. I think even my sister is warming up to it. We will probably start construction during the summer and when it is done it will look so much better. I have tried to customize it as much as I can to make it look like it’s […]

The Super Swag, Amazing Blog #1

Hi, I’m 10 years old in 5th grade. My mom asked me to share my thoughts about the process from a kids point of view. Whenever we talk to people about our move, they’re always like, “why are you moving to a smaller house?” To be honest, I don’t really get it either. There’s not much to say yet, we are in escrow with a house, I’m not quite sure […]