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Holland Brown Education Lead

Holland Brown

Holland is passionate about living sustainably, and takes the lead on building the project sponsor network, involving the community in the project, PR, education, and training. She holds an Economics degree from Virginia and a Michigan MBA, and a Green Building certificate from Cal State Long Beach.


Nick Brown Technical Lead

Nick Brown

Nick has 15 years experience in building materials and a passion for green building acquired from his time in the field observing how homes are built. He holds an Economics degree from Princeton and a Michigan MBA, and is CABEC certified to perform energy modeling for California Title 24 compliance.

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    Our Partners

    • Energy Upgrade California
    • Trillamar Webcraft
    • Merlex Stucco
    • D’MAND
    • OPENHAUS design
    • Hardey Construction
    • Energy Inspectors
    • Panasonic
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